Cytogenetic Analysis (including Karyotyping)

AGL has broad expertise in banded chromosome analysis for a wide variety of mammalian species (human, mouse, rat, cow, hamster, dog, etc.), and our experience includes analysis of live animals and established cell lines. The standard cytogenetic analysis can be customized to your needs if you have specific requirements different from or not listed here.
G-banded Chromosomes

G-banded chromosomes of a human cell in metaphase.

G-Banded Karyotype

Human karyotype of G-banded metaphase chromosomes.

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Standard Cytogenetic Analysis includes:
  • chromosome harvest of your cells at AGL
  • preparation and analysis of 5 G-banded karyotypes
  • chromosome aberration analysis (100 cells)
  • chromosome count distribution (100 cells)
  • determination of modal chromosome number (based on count from 100 cells)
This service complies with the Food and Drug Administration's Good Laboratory Practice regulations (Part 58 Title 21 CFR).