Cell Line Characterization Services

AGL has been providing cell characterization services to companies and research institutes in the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, and vaccine production for over 25 years. We have broad experience in banded chromosome analysis for a wide variety of species, including the analysis of established cell lines.

We can verify the species identity of your cell line, genetically monitor your cell line over time in culture, and determine genetic stability of your cell line. Our general offerings are listed below. All services can be customized to suit your application.

AGL has a proven track record providing cell characterization services in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration's Good Laboratory Practice Regulations (Part 58 Title 21 CFR).

Standard Cytogenetic Analysis

Chromosome count, aberration analysis, and banded chromosome analysis, all performed according to GLP guidelines

Stem Cell Line Cytogenetics

A streamlined version of our Standard Cytogenetic Analysis, performed under AGL’s Quality Assurance Program for Research (QAPR) guidelines